This strategic objective is part of the vision of Design Platform Flanders to use design as an essential means for the transformation of Flanders into a creative, competitive, versatile and human knowledge economy. An economy that creates, in a sustainable manner, prosperity, employment and a warm society, in the context of global challenges. Design Platform Flanders wants Flanders to become one of the top 5 European regions towards 2020, as defined in ‘Flanders in action’ the ambitious future project of the Flemish government.

By joining forces in the Design Platform Flanders I want Flemish design as cutting edge craftsmanship contributing more to Flanders as international top region by 2020.
Kris Peeters – Minister-President of the Government of Flanders

Flanders has numerous design organizations. They are active in giving their support to designers and promoting design to industry, government and society.

End 2011, with Design Platform Flanders, 5 influential design organizations decided to combine their complementary strengths to develop Flanders as a strategic pole in the field of design. In the broadest sense of the word. In May 2014 3 other, complementary design organizations joined the platform. This enlargement from 5 to 8 members ensures a reinforcement of the regional performance – by increasing the number of regional hubs from 2 to 4 – as well as an enhancement in the field of ecodesign.

With an ultimate ambition: To put Flanders on the world map as a design region.

The partners: Design Vlaanderen, Flanders Inshape, Flanders Fashion Institute, OVAM Ecodesign.link, Innovatie & Design Euregio, Ministry of Makers (Designplatform Gent/Oost-Vlaanderen), Antwerp.Powered by Creatives and Designregio Kortrijk.