Voka - Chamber of Commerce West Flanders and Designregio Kortrijk link 5 companies from the region to 5 top designers for 1 year. Through a tried and tested 5X5® step-by-step plan, they develop a new product together. Designregio Kortrijk takes care of the project management and supports the entire process, from idea to end product. The results will be presented during Interieur '20.

Development of new products or services in collaboration with an external design team. Are your products ready for the future?
For each company, each product or service only has a limited lifespan. There will inevitably come a time when the market will make new demands. For a company that wants to grow, it is necessary to look for growth in new products and / or services. In many companies, product renewal is postponed. The delusion of the day wins the day, so that more attention is often paid to sales and marketing, purely because this leads to immediate results. Product development requires a systematic approach, Voka West-Flanders and Designregio Kortrijk organize an individual trajectory in which companies are guided to work together with an external design team on a new product or service. The development of new products and/or services requires a systematic approach. For example, it is important to answer as many questions as possible at an early stage: what is the added value of the product idea? What is the goal? Does it solve a problem? Is it sufficiently new and distinctive? Is it economically feasible? Is it allowed? The more data are available at an early stage, the higher the chance of success. Once the concept development has started, it is important to take important decisions on time and to respect deadlines. A well-managed design process can ultimately yield a profit of about 20%.

What is the added value of this supervised product development project?
Product development will be at the top of the agenda, no more excuses for delay. External designers bring in a totally new look and know-how and create new products.
The company also offers added value (especially) in sectors where you don't expect designers right away. Voka guides the cooperation process: the search for a suitable designer, the cooperation agreement with the definition of the intellectual property, the course of the creative process, meeting the deadlines, the financial aspect.

The product launch. As a company, you are committed to testing the final prototype with the public during a showroom. #therefore design

What added value does a designer offer your product or service?
Companies continuously try to be innovative and stay ahead of their competitors through continuous improvement. The techniques of a design driven development approach (design thinking) prove to be very suitable for this purpose and more often result in innovative and effective solutions, even in sectors where you would not immediately expect this. Not only the proven technical quality of products is important to the customer, but also the confirmation of the 'impression of quality'. For example, an important conclusion of researchers is that design leads to a shift in consumer attention from price to added value. The visual power of design expresses the unique characteristics of a technology or a product, and technology-driven companies often find it difficult to translate their technology into useful and attractive products. The GPS is an example of this. None of us would want to use the first GPS products, as originally developed for the military, in the car. Design thinking was needed to make the commercial breakthrough possible.

The 5X5® concept has been registered as a trademark within the Benelux (Depot number 1347127). 5X5® was created by and owned by Designregio Kortrijk vzw.


Edition 2019-2020
Akomo x GBO
VALO blinds x Comate
Eliet x Verhaert
Dovy kitchens x Roel Vandebeek

Edition 2018-2019
VIVES x Studio Dott x Hunt
Fibrocit x Pilipili x Studio Unica
Demuynck x Alain Monnens x Solid Idea
e-BO Enterprises x CIDES

Edition 2017-2018
ESG x CREAX x Knitwear Lab
eSafe x Studio Dott x Midosoft
AVC Gemino x Roel Vandebeek x Studio Ponton
eXmedical x Verhaert x Hanne Debauw
Q-lite x Yellow Window x UXpertise

Edition 2015-2016
Depro Profiles x Danny Venlet x Andries De Winter & Bert Vermeire
Elasta x TEN x Jan Thierens & Olmo Bread
Vanhalst x Cides Product Design x APTUS
Vincent Sheppard x Alain Gilles x Jessy Van Durme
Viva Sara x STUDIO|Nedda x Elise Vandeplancke

Edition 2013-2014
Copahome x Studio Dos Santos x Mathieu Bellens en Olivier Caluwier
Domotic Lounge x Studio Dott x Matthijs Stichelbaut
Euraqua x Pars Pro toto x Wendy De Moor
Novy x Verhaert x Orlando Thuysbaert
Vika x Jean-François D’Or x Frédérique Ficheroulle

Editie 2011-2012
Ls Bedding x Alain Gilles
De Witte Lietaer x Stefan Schöning
Group De Keyzer x Alain Berteau
Bminus x Eric Dumortier
Outdoor Wood Concepts x Roel Vandebeek

Editie 2007-2008
MAESSS Motorhomes x Maxime Szyf
Curana x Goose (UK)
VACO Vandecasteele-Cools x Violetta en Vera Pepa
Luke Home Entertainment Furniture x Vincent Van Duysen
Umbrosa x Danny Venlet

Editie 2005-2006
Eliet x Pilipili
Technical Architectural Lighting x Patrick & Bieke Hoet
Saey Home & Garden (Barbecook) x Bart Lens / Lens°ass
Haelvoet x Inge Van Gheel
Unic Design x Werner Aisslinger (DE)