Jessy Van Durme

Jessy Van Durme is a Belgian freelance designer active in different fields like graphic, product and interior design

After an education in Architecture and Interior Design, she worked in an Architecture office for several years but wanted to know more, and work more on the human scale of our daily life.

Travelling with her husband, Piet Albert Goethals, through Scandinavia for several months had a big impact on her vision on design and the paths she wanted to discover. The book on this journey "Scandinavian designers at Work" was published in 2014 by Luster and shows visits to several design studios from the Northern parts of Europe.

Eversince, design is seen in the most broad sense of the word.

The multidisciplinair studio was found in 2014 and has been working on Interior architecture, product design, art directing / styling for photography and magazines, copywriting on design and graphic design for printed and digital media.

Nieuwstraat 8

8500 Kortrijk