Corbin Mahieu

Corbin Mahieu is a graphic designer based in Ghent, Belgium. He graduated academic graphic design at Sint-Lucas LUCA (Ghent) in 2014 and undertook an internship at Zak Group (London) in 2015. After his studies he joined the graphic studio of Jan&Randoald (Bruges/Ghent) until 2017. After a few years of building trust with clients, Corbin became self-employed in 2017. He currently operates in the field of publication and book design, brand identities, web design, posters or flyers and all printed matter. Using his network of colleagues Corbin is able to direct almost any visual aspect or assignment, from web and motion design to furniture and interior design. Clients range from self-employed entrepreneurs/designers/artists to art/design institutes and even music clubs or commercial companies. Following his own aesthetics of “honest simplicity” he creates unique graphic matter that has an almost timeless and self-explaining outcome. Apart from having his own approach on design, he is always interested in hearing your story.

Fuchsiastraat 29

9000 Gent