Roel Vandebeek

Roel Vandebeek is a Belgian designer and artist. Since he first embarked on his chosen career in 1994, he has expressed his preference for art, industrial design and interior design openly. Applying this preference uncompromisingly to the most far-ranging projects is the only way he can express his unbridled creativity. The designer carries out 20 – 30 design projects per year. All based on interaction that leads to growth via dialogue. This demands considerable effort. And oversight.

Roel Vandebeek launches himself wholeheartedly into the widest variety of design projects. This work that covers so many different areas demands a great deal of him in terms of courage and perseverance. It has taken time and effort moreover to reach cruising speed, but today he is able to work in all different avenues. With 20 years of experimentation and innovation under his belt, he has the references, the experience and the staff to achieve exactly the right design mix. All of which is borne out by the list of design prizes to his name and of course the wide range of products. With the exception of limited collections and works of art, all his designs are still being produced. That speaks volumes about the timelessness of his style.

Roel Vandebeek has a professional structure today that is more efficient than ever before thanks to the presence of the creative hotspot Dêpot des Arts and the project management company Objet Complet. It is like having a Swiss army knifethat you can use for any problem. Foreign places, new horizons beckon like never before both in scope and scale of operations.

​Roel Vandebeek is currently working on a very special design project, that will be released in september 2017. It will reveal and show the impact of a complete new and unseen design method. Roel has been working to optimize and fine-tune this whole new approach for several years and is now confident in the outcome. The power of design, as interpreted by Roel Vandebeek.

Langstraat 76

3630 Maasmechelen