Cas Moor


Cas Moor

Born in Belgium in 1991. Cas Moor graduated in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture and masters degree in Autonomous design. In 2014 Cas became an independent designer for various companies with his personal approach to design.


While developing a product I like to focus on the design process. Rather than designing a product for specific functions or requirements, the product arises from the material, technique or from experimentation, resulting in 'honest' products where material and craftsmanship not only serve the form but also tell a story.

"A good design to me is when a object is stripped down to its bare bones with the essence still intact." - Cas Moor, 2014


Projects range from lighting, furniture and accessories to exhibition and electronics. Producing in high volume industrial consumer products and in limited edition or open source purposes. During the design process knowledge about materials, machines and end-user is important. They contribute to a more complete product.

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