From 23 to 27 October 2019, the new city site Kortrijk Weide was a creative place of discovery for designers, entrepreneurs, students, children and citizens.

With exhibitions and installations, Kortrijk Creativity Week presented the next generation in creativity, design, innovation, food, art & business.

'Week van het Ontwerpen' has been highlighting creative and innovative student projects since 2004. After 15 years it had become the platform for inspiration and knowledge exchange between creative education and industry. With the recognition of the Kortrijk region as Kortrijk UNESCO design region, 'Week van het Ontwerpen' 2019 becomes Kortrijk Creativity Week.

Kortrijk Creativity Week is a collaboration between Designregio Kortrijk, Howest, city of Kortrijk, Voka West-Flanders, Intercommunale Leiedal and Biënnale Interieur. With the event, we want to highlight the added value of design thinking for education, industry and public space.

This was Kortrijk Creativity Week 2019:


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From 2004 to 2014, Week van het Ontwerpen was organized by Howest.