Designregio Kortrijk invites recent design graduates from the various creative disciplines to apply for its Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme. During a working residence of 3 months, the three selected designers from Belgium and overseas will be offered a unique opportunity to work together on various themes.


Emilie Froelich
is a French architect passionated by the imaginaries linked to the riverscapes.
In 2017, she co-founded “figures vives”, an experimental platform gathering 13 recently graduated fellow students. In this context, she explores the interactions between the body and the space, understood as a combination of material and immaterial layers.
She is currently based in Almería and Strasbourg, collaborating with La casa Amarilla
and Semper Vera.

Jadd Hallaj
is an architect and urban designer from Aleppo [Syria] currently based in Paris. By merging heritage with design,he wants to assist in preserving and creating context-relevant spaces anchored in sustainablesocial practices at all
scales of a territory.
For him, local design networks can contribute to developing urban systems, by promoting new ways of production or integrating marginalized communities in a holistic design process. He aspires to one day expand such networks in Syria and its region.

Elena Falomo
is a sort of cerberus:
the heads of a designer, an engineer and an artist sharing the same body. In her practice she mixes art, activism, code and physical computing to create speculative probes and hyperbolic products. She engages in feminism, digital rights, open software and open culture through her works.
Her interests brought her to found few artistic collectives to address pressing contemporary issues. She is also a passionate educator teaching in universities across Europe.



Oleksandra Gerasymchuk
Parijs, Frankrijk

“As a transdisciplinary designer I’m exploring norms, habits and links between present and future by asking questions that matter to me. The answers are shaped by tangible and digital material exploration, graphic research, collaborations with scientists and researchers, history and Anthropocene-themed readings, and critical design fiction. By working with object, spatial and motion design, I like creating global experiences that take one out of oneself and bring some spontaneous reactions out in order to reconsider things that seem ordinary or distant.”

Yun Pei Hsiung
New Taipei City, Taiwan

Yun-Pei Hsiung is a Taiwanese product designer who is interested in bringing design to the public space and the community for social change. He has worked on M-Lab project which redesigns a used RV to an alternative movable creative classroom for the youths. He designed the One-Megaphone project to empower social demonstration by connecting their voice with a DIY Megaphone. Currently he is based in Shanghai started a design lab called The Hive Lab with Victor and Yi-Wen who they met in during the study at the Royal College of Art. The aim of the lab is to promote DIY and sculpt the culture in the ultra-consumerist Shanghai.
On a more chilled side, Yun-Pei loves to draw, you might appear on his notebook in the end of your encounter.

Lucie Dubois
Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk

“Recently graduated from Royal College of Arts, I am a French interior designer, living in London since 2016. Though Paris based, living in London has colored my design approach. In particular, city life is integral to my lifestyle and design as I question and challenge the past, present and most importantly the future of the city. Finding sustainable and eco-friendly solutions is at the core of my design process. I’m always trying to consider waste as a valuable material and try to deal with leftovers to design new projects, anchored in the past.”

Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2018
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For the fifth time, the selected designers will have the unique opportunity to develop an experimental concept for the future of space(s), through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk.

Our 3 international designers introduce themselves to you:

Jasna Dimitrovska, °1983
Berlin, Germany

"I am a designer and an artist working with both tangible and intangible media. I love writing technology and science, 'what if' scenarios based on research and mapping out the designs to their finest detail. I also have a passion for Neo-futuristic designs and augmented reality applications.
As an artist I build tangible models, prototypes and cultural probes in order to investigate the meaning of human interaction with digital objects. At the moment, my challenge is the non-human factor of materiality where various materials and media are connected in a system that needs to meet large number or parameters and protocols.


photo by Dahahm Choi

Kazumasa Takada, °1991
Copenhagen, Denmark

"I am an architect born in Japan and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I co-founded an architectural design studio PAN-PROJECTS in Copenhagen and have worked on several projects around Europe and Japan. I conceive architecture as a creation formed by fabrication of social elements and I develop my work based on this concept. My projects are featured with the process of reinterpretation of each unique characteristic of the places, and reconstruct the relationships of elements to fabricate my works.
My representative works include Paper Pavilion (Denmark, 2017), Infinite Field (Japan, 2016)."

Jaenam Lim, °1987
London, United Kingdom

"I am a Spatial Designer based in London, graduated from The Royal College of Art in Interior Architecture. I enjoy thinking about various aspects of interiors within an urban context and I am interested in creating immersive spaces that blur conventional spatial boundaries.
Making physical objects is one of my favorite methods in my design process to bring conceptual ideas into the real world."

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Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2017
For the fourth time, the three selected designers have the unique opportunity to work together on exploring social transformation through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk.

Déborah Janssens (FRANCE - °91, portfolio) is a young artist-designer born and based in Paris, France. After graduating in Object Design, she moved to ethnology studies and decided to bound all her interests in a master degree in Social Design. She likes to imagine and create surrealistic installations and performative situations that enhance the extra-ordinary within our everyday life.

Sahil Thappa (INDIA - °90, portfolio) is a Mechanical Engineer and an Industrial Designer. He is interested in looking at ways to make design more democratic, open, sustainable and collaborative. He has been working with digital fabrication as well as traditional tools and explored different materials, processes and platforms. He has been practicing design thinking and system thinking for the past 2 years, has done several workshops and also helped set up design thinking driven Makerspaces in a few schools in India.

Maria Pita Guerreiro (PORTUGAL - °91, portfolio) is a designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Maria’s work explores multiple design aspects. She's interested in working with different materials, textures, and perspectives. She has been active in the art community by participating in several exhibitions, design fairs and design residencies all over Europe, highlighting Bauhaus IKEA in Dessau and recently Salone del Mobile in Milan. During her time in Lisbon, she worked in many studios as a designer whilst running her co-founded Studio ojoaoeamaria.

The Buda Island in Kortrijk (Belgium) is the focal point for a fascinating community of creative individuals, companies, cultural organizations, creative teaching as well as end-users. The aim is to connect with the local maker industry, largely embedded in the region and local producers in a contemporary way.
The Budafabriek and Budalab Open Makerspace are the inspirational locations where they will create, work and live.
Budalab is a public workspace where designers, makers, children, individuals, students and schools can create, take workshops, meet, challenge and inspire each other. Through a wide range of analogue and digital equipment, we bring people together from different sectors and disciplines to make synergies.

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