Boomin Sep

Atelier, Studio, Bureau,...

‘Boom in’ flemish for doing it differently without restrictions.
Since 2015 “Boomin Sep” is officially based in Ghent.

Specialised in a communal design approach, Sep Verboom (1990) has worked with communities and craftsmen around the world. Bringing things back to its roots, where thinking and collaborating evolves in a better way of living.

“Every existing material, object or craft has the potential to become a live changer, whatever the scale. As long as we consider the social aspects and environmental consequences of our choices.“

Spreading his stories by giving lectures and exhibitions. Sao Paulo, London, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Kortrijk or Brussels, Sep is feeling lucky to experience other cultures, meet people and open his eyes, resulting in a no nonsense approach.

In 2012 Sep Verboom graduated Industrial Product Design at HOWEST (Kortrijk) with a postgraduate in sustainable development. For his final thesis project Sep Verboom went for 6 months to the Philippines, the beginning of an awarded organisation that focuses on social inspired projects, ‘Livable’.

Portrait by Aaron Lapeirre

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